Croatia removes plaque with WWII salute from near camp site

Croatian authorities have removed a plaque bearing a salute used by the country's pro-Nazi regime during World War II that was placed last year near the site of a notorious wartime concentration camp.

Workers on Thursday took down the plaque in the town of Jasenovac honoring fallen Croatian fighters from the 1990s war. A fighters' union said the plaque will be moved to another location but that the disputed salute will remain.

The "For the homeland — Ready!" salute was used by the pro-Nazi puppet regime that was established in Croatia during World War II. Tens of thousands of Jews, Serbs, Roma and Croat anti-fascists were killed in Jasenovac and other camps. The salute has since resurfaced among nationalists and right-wingers.

Croatia's right-leaning government has faced criticism for not responding sooner.