Buried Nazi tunnels? Polish province famed for gold train drills down after explorer's claim

Workers hired by local authorities are drilling in southwestern Poland in search of hidden Nazi tunnels that an explorer claims are in the area.

The provincial governor in Walbrzych, Jacek Cichura, said Saturday that small cameras will be inserted in the holes to get a better look. The findings are to be announced on Thursday.

An explorer, Krzysztof Szpakowski, claimed last month that he has located a system of underground Nazi tunnels and shelters near the city of Walbrzych.

He believes they can hide technical appliances or armaments, but not the legendary gold train.

Local lore has it that in 1945, the Nazis hid an armored gold train from Soviet troops near Walbrzych. Military experts have checked the alleged site for safety ahead of possible search work.