Adolf Hitler's birthplace to be Holocaust museum

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The birthplace of Adolf Hitler will be turned into a Holocaust museum under a plan approved by Austria's government and the owner of the building in a move aimed at ridding the structure of its creepy allure to neo-Nazis.

The yellow home in the upper Austrian town will be dubbed the "House of Responsibility" under the plan. The building has long been the subject of controversy, with a plan announced in May to make it a center for immigrants scuttled when politicians continued to argue about the appropriate use for the home. Another previous proposal to convert the building into housing prompted concerns Hitler worshippers would move in.

The building has been used as a library, bank, high school and, most recently, as a workshop for the mentally handicapped. Hitler, who was born in the home on April 20, 1889, was the leader of Germany’s Nazi Party whose Third Reich officials carried out the murders of 6 million Jewish people during World War II.

Under the new plan, proposed by Austrian historian Andreas Maislinger, the building will be dedicated to depicting the crimes against humanity committed by Hitler's Third Reich. The plan has also been supported by movie producer Branko Lustig, of "Schindler's List" fame.

Currently owned by Gerlinde Pommer, a retiree whose family has owned it since 1912, the building has been rented to the Austrian Interior Ministry since 1972. The Interior Ministry has barred Hitler admirers from occupy space in the building, but the owner has not let local officials mark the site with a plaque warning of the evils of fascism.

A previous proposal to convert the house into a living space sparked fears the building may fill with Hitler worshippers. Suggestions to create an anti-Nazi memorial have also been rejected. The final decision now rests with Austria's interior ministry, which is expected to approve the project before the end of the year.

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