3 Canadian girls die on farm after being buried in canola seeds

Three sisters -- a 13-year-old and 11-year-old twins -- died Tuesday night after they accidentally fell into a truckload of canola seeds while working on their family farm in Alberta, The Calgary Sun reported.

The report said family members and first responders were able to retrieve the girls and administered CPR, but two girls were pronounced dead at the scene and one of the twins died after being transported by air to a hospital.

"Our kids died living life on the farm, it is a family farm. We do not regret raising and involving our kids Catie, age 13, Dara, age 11 and Jana, age 11, on our farm," the Bott family said in a statement obtained by the paper.

The family members are active in the church and farming. Area farmers have reportedly banded together to help the family complete the autumn harvest.