Vietnam Veteran in Florida Wins Battle Over Display of U.S. Flag

A Florida Vietnam veteran who went to war with his apartment complex over the right to post an American flag in his window appears to have won a stars and stripes showdown.

Carlisle Vereen, of Daytona Beach, told Central Florida News 13 that "patriotism" led him to tape the paper flag to the inside of his apartment window last Thanksgiving. No complaints were received at the time, he said.

Joann Thompson, a manager at Manatee Bay Apartments, told she gave Vereen a notice earlier this week indicating that the flag needed to be removed from the window within 24 hours or it would be disposed of by apartment officials.

The notice indicated that no signs were allowed on doors or windows, but Thompson said the flag -- which was originally made of paper -- had been replaced with a plastic version and is now in compliance with the complex's regulations.

"The issue was that it was paper and all faded and torn," Thompson said. "We didn't want this to go this far. I understand why he got upset -- he's a veteran, he's very passionate. It was not my intention to upset him."

Thompson said the apartment complex left a much larger flag made of cloth with a six-foot flagpole at his residence on Friday.

"He can move it if he wants to, or if he wants, he can put it on his patio," Thompson said. "Or, he can display both [flags]."

Prior to Thompson's reconsideration, Vereen, who could not be reached for comment on Friday, said he hired an attorney and will dispute the order.

"I fought for that flag," the Vietnam veteran "I've bled for that flag. My father fought for it, my brother fought for it and my son fought for it in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Since the flag is taped to the inside of his window, any management official who attempts to remove will have to enter Vereen's apartment. If that occurs, Vereen will consider to seek to file charges of breaking and entering.

"They may want to evict me after I’ve been here over 10 years, but I'll do that before I take that flag down," Vereen told the website.

Several calls to Manatee Bay Apartments were not returned on Friday.

A housekeeper at Vereen's apartment  confirmed to that a management official visited the apartment Friday afternoon to offer a six-foot flagpole and flag for Vereen to fly on his lawn.

"He's still probably not willing to remove the flag from the window," she told "He's really upset."