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Lost and Found

Couple rescues Marine dog tags from city streets, returns them to Vietnam vets

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  1. No Spin Zone Debut

    Ted Turner talks politics, FOX News, Fidel Castro and Jane Fonda

  2. Former Bush Official Murdered

    Body of decorated Vietnam veteran found in Delaware landfill

  3. Bad Education

    Is your child's education getting hijacked by liberal ideology?

  4. This Week in History: October 18

    Blockbuster opens, Vietnam War protests and HUAC investigates Hollywood

  5. Beck: Is White House Following a Blueprint?

    The times have changed, but the philosophy is the same

  6. Life-Changing Loss

    Meet a Vietnam veteran who says losing his leg in combat actually changed his life for the better

  7. Oliver Stone

    Oscar-winning director sets sights on President Bush

  8. Blumenthal's Vietnam Scandal

    Man running in Connecticut's Senate race faces questions about his military service

  9. Body of Former Bush Aide Dumped in Landfill

    Police identify 66-year-old John Wheeler III

  10. Bottoms Up!

    Alaska State Rep. Bob Lynn (R) joins Alan to discuss his new bill which would lower the drinking age for our troops.

  11. Hollywood Nation: Shia LaBeouf Is Pretty in 'Pink'

    Olivia Wilde's 'family' drama; Mickey Rourke goes toothless

  12. Should Congress Act on Libya?

    Lawmakers want to debate military mission

  1. Simmons: Blumenthal 'Needs to Apologize'

    Connecticut Senate candidate weighs in on report Blumenthal lied about his Vietnam service

  2. Long Journey Home

    Remains believed to be of U.S. troops returned from Vietnam

  3. 42 Years Later

    Army buddies and Vietnam War vets find each other alive

  4. Tragedy Becomes Inspiration

    Meet a Vietnam veteran who says the day he lost his leg changed his life for the better

  5. War Hero Says Blumenthal Didn't Just Misspeak

    Lt. Col. Bill Cowan says Senate candidate's work for vets 'doesn't counterbalance saying he was a combat veteran when he isn't'

  6. Blumenthal's Apology Not Accepted?

    Veterans' group says Connecticut attorney general owes 'real vets' an apology

  7. Around the World: Massive Floods in Vietnam

    Flooding in Hanoi leaves thousands homeless, at least three dead

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