Victims Outraged as Calif. Church Plans to Pay Molester Priest More Than $94,000

A defrocked priest who admitted molesting more than 20 children is due to begin receiving monthly payments from an annuity purchased by the Stockton Diocese when he turns 65 on Saturday.

The payments, which will total more than $94,000 over 10 years, have outraged abuse victims who say Oliver O'Grady shouldn't be rewarded.

Bishop Stephen Blaire, who arranged the annuity, says it was part of a deal to ensure O'Grady would leave the priesthood.

O'Grady was deported to his native Ireland in 2001 after serving seven years in prison for molesting two brothers. He has admitted abusing at least 25 children, and has cost the diocese millions of dollars to settle sexual abuse lawsuits.

He most recently made headlines after it was learned he volunteered for a church in the Netherlands.