San Diego man who stole $360,000 in printer ink may lose part of public pension

Rommel Asuncion, a former worker at California’s Department of Child Support Services, pleaded guilty earlier this year to stealing about $360,000 in ink cartridges from the agency, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Now, as he serves out the remainder of his three-year jail sentence, the county pension board is considering to strip away a portion of his pension, or the period of time he was lifting the cartridges.

The board is citing a newly passed law that enables the state to curtail benefits of individuals who have committed felonies while on the clock, the report said.

The law has been employed five times since its passage. Asuncion, 33, would be able to get back the money he contributed to his plan during the three-year span he stole the ink. He sold the cartridges on the Internet, Michael Workman, a country spokesman, told the paper.

The report said besides the jail term, Asuncion has to repay the county $363,192 in restitution.

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