Miami TSA officer and his wife charged with stealing from passengers' luggage

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) worker at Miami International Airport was charged with grand theft after allegedly stealing from passengers' bags and hiding the items in a special constructed pocket added to his uniform jacket.

Michael Pujol and his wife, Betsy Pujol Salazar, were released on bond Friday, the Miami Herald reported, after the pair were arrested Thursday and charged with grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

Pujol, who was apprehended after an iPad he was accused of stealing was traced to a Craigslist sale, has been suspended from duty and a Feb. 17 trial date set.

A police spokesman said Pujol stowed the stolen goods in a secret jacket pocket that was big enough to conceal a laptop computer.

"We examined another TSA jacket and that pocket was specifically added," he said.

Pujol Salazar admitted that she and her husband have been stealing goods and on-selling them for three years, the Herald reported.