'Unpaid Blogger' Takes on Huffington Post With Uncrunched

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Meet the only millionaire unpaid blogger.

Former TechCrunch editor in chief Michael Arrington was fired September 12 from the site he co-founded and sold to AOL for $30 million, following a battle of Internet egos with HuffingtonPost editor Arianna Huffington and questions about Arrington's ultimate role.

Writing at the new blog he founded 11 days later, ironically named Uncrunched, Arrington's first post had just three words: "Here I am."

It also had an image of the T-shirt Arrington wore the day he was let go from the company with the words “unpaid blogger” across the chest -- clearly an intentional finger in Huffington's eye.

Those three words on Uncrunched had the Internet buzzing -- everywhere except for his former employers, that is. Neither HuffingtonPost.com nor AOL have mentioned the new site yet, despite the armies of bloggers both sites employ.

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Despite the silence at the larger sites, the existence of the new blog was revealed on -- where else -- TechCrunch, in a post by Jason Kincaid. Aware of the issue of disclosure that dogged Arrington, Kincaid was quick to disclose his connection to the outspoken former EIC.

"Arrington was my boss for a long time and I ate a lot of his cereal when TC was still based out of his house," Kincaid wrote.

Arrington runs a venture capital firm that invests in startups; on TechCrunch he then blogs about the very same companies, a situation many had described as a conflict of interest. On the new site, Arrington announced that he was back -- and aimed to get those controversial topics right out in the open.

"Conflicts of interest [are] inherently part of who I am," he confessed, arguing that such admissions were necessary in his quest for complete transparency.

Arrington stressed the same items he has consistently been highlighting with regard to his blogging, namely his belief in transparency and truth.

"I will disclose, as I’ve always done, all financial conflicts of interest (I have lots and lots of those). I’ll also disclose other conflicts of interest, like friendships, when I can."

He also highlighted his numerous biases.

"Bias: I have lots of it, and I never try to ignore it or hide from it," he wrote on Uncrunched.

"This time, though, my eyes are open. I know exactly what I’m walking into -- and I know how to play this game."