How to fix your troubled T-Mobile iPhone

T-Mobile customers are reporting issues with iPhones that restart without warning, sometimes preceded by a momentary all-blue "screen of death." What’s more, this annoyance—which seems to be confined to the 5s, 6 or 6 Plus—tends to repeat itself every thirty minutes. In fact, one user with multiple devices claimed that several of his iPhone 6s were restarting at the same time.

T-Mobile is still investigating the problem. The company promised to provide us with answers to consumers' questions as soon as possible. Right now, the culprit may be an over-the-air update related to Wi-Fi calling, according to some accounts. I haven’t yet experienced any trouble with an iPhone 6 Plus Consumer Reports owns, which has an up-to-date OS (iOS 8.3) and is fully loaded with apps and services (Apple Pay, Amazon Echo, Apple Watch, Vudu, Pandora, etc.) But here are potential solutions offered up on social media. Keep in mind, we've had no way to test them.

1.     Disable and re-enable the WiFi Calling feature. You’ll find it by going into Settings and tapping Phone.

2.     Delete your old text messages and perform a factory reset. Before you go this route, though, be aware that it deletes ALL of your personal data (photos, accounts, downloaded apps, etc.). To get it back you have to sign into your iCloud account.

Stay tuned for more details and advice.

Mike Gikas

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