50 Cent brings 'Star Wars' headphones to CES

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has made a name for himself in the music and movie industry—but these days he’s also busy selling his own line of successful SMS Audio headphones.

“It’s the G-unit, but it’s the geek unit,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s original line of Street by 50 Cent headphones sold millions of units. Now his newest line features a “Star Wars” theme.

The rapper and businessman says that he’s a fan of the movies but didn’t realize how extreme some die-hard fans can be.

“I didn’t realize how passionate the people were because the projections that we made for the first quarter for the ‘Star Wars’ projects sold in the first two days,” Jackson said.

Many celebrities have had their hand in the headphone business but haven’t been as successful as 50 Cent.

He says his brand made it because he’s been persistent with promoting it, whereas for others, it might have been just a temporary project.

“They don’t care about being in the category anymore because they’ve been washed out,” Jackson said.

Jackson also unveiled a new line of easy-to-wear Biosport headphones that are ideal for working out. The headphones, developed by Intel, can tell you how fast you’re running and how many calories you’ve burned.

“Everything the treadmill is there for is in this headset,” Jackson said.

Jackson says he uses the Biosport headphones while exercising to listen to music to help push him the extra mile. But, he also admits he’ll pump a little extra weight if there’s some good looking girls around.

“If they’re there, they take my mind off how long, and I’ll do extra,” Curtis joked.

The SMS Audio headphones range in price from $150 to $300. They can be found online and in most major electronic stores.