Report: LAPD examining a knife found buried at O.J. Simpson's estate

O.J. Simpson has been back in the news lately thanks to a couple of television shows revisiting his 1995 murder trial. But a new and somewhat surprising development may keep his name in the headlines for many more days to come.

The LAPD is investigating a knife that was found buried at Simpson's estate, according to a report from TMZ. The knife was alleged to have been found by a construction worker several years ago, at an unspecified time before 1998 when the house was demolished.

So, why are we just hearing about this now?

TMZ reports that the construction worker handed the knife over to an off-duty police officer, who had decided to keep it for himself. It was only after the now-retired officer contacted a friend at the department to get a file number for the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder case -- one he planned to engrave on a frame for the knife he would hang in his home -- that those in charge were made aware of its existence.

This is reportedly a "top-secret" investigation, and the knife is being tested for hair, fingerprints and other biological evidence. Since Simpson was found not guilty in the original trial, he cannot be prosecuted again -- but the police may continue the investigation, as it's still considered to be an open case.