Odell Beckham Jr. trade reports draw fury, bewilderment, elation on social media

The New York Giants reportedly traded star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns on Tuesday night and quickly drew fury on social media.

Most of the ire was directed at Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, who now famously told the media in February “We didn’t sign Odell to trade him.”


Fast forward a little more than two months and the Giants will acquire the No. 17 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft and safety Jabrill Peppers, according to multiple reports.

“I tried to tell u @Giants fans Dave was your problem but u laughed and called me bitter! Well welcome to the salt wagon jump on and let’s ride together lol,” former Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams tweeted.

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant also chimed in, “The whole New York Giants fan base just switched to Cleveland.”

Even former Jets and Patriots defensive back Darelle Revis thought the trade was “fake news.”

While the former players had a lot to say, the Giants fan base was riled up about the reported trade.

“You may not realize it yet. But wow. You f----d up. So hard. You didnt lose a player today,” one fan wrote to the Giants on Twitter. “You lost millions of fans. Its as simple as that. People loved the bulls because of jordan. People loved real madrid because of ronaldo. And they loved you because of @obj.”

“I’m so mad at the @Giants right now,” another person wrote.

Adding to the fury, another person wrote: .@Giants you traded one of the most iconic, entertaining and talented WR of our generation. No matter what we get back you can't replace it. We had Saquon and Odell. Two young superstars and you absolutely f----d it. We had hope and you f-----d it. Embarrassing organisation.”

Browns fans, as might be expected, expressed sunnier reactions to the news.

"Browns in the Super Bowl," one fan wrote.

"No more factory of sadness," another Cleveland fan wrote, referring to the derisive nickname for the Browns' home stadium. "The swag palace, it's got a nice ring to it."


In the reported acquisition, the Browns will receive a three-time Pro Bowler who won the 2014 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year. He has 44 touchdown catches to go along with 5,476 receiving yards and 390 receptions in 59 games for the Giants.