Missouri high school to start freshman girl at quarterback

A Missouri high school quarterback is set to make history when the team takes the field at the beginning of the football season.

Liberty North High School will start 14-year-old Brooke Liebsch as its quarterback this season. The freshman will become the first female quarterback in the school’s history.

Liebsch may have more experience than most players on her high school team. She’s been playing football at the Pop Warner level for the last six years, which has quickly earned the respect of her teammates.

“I used to play soccer and I didn’t like it,” Liebsch told Fox 4 KC. “Then, one day, I caught a football and I’m like, I want to play football. Let’s go.”

The young quarterback doesn’t mind playing across the field. The Fox affiliate reports she wouldn’t mind playing wide receiver or defensive back in an effort just to play.

“Some girls say girls shouldn’t play football, which I don’t get why, because girls can do anything guys can do,” Liebsch said.

Her teammates have also enjoyed her playing style.

“She plays like everybody else out there,” freshman receiver A.J. Wood said. “She works out like us. Nothing different about her, I guess. She’s a part of the football team.”

Liebsch is not alone in breaking barriers. More than 1,700 girls played high school football at 448 schools across the U.S. in 2014, according to USA Football. This spring, an all-girls football league was formed in Utah.

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