Check out Steph Curry's 'Crying Jordan' face after Panthers' epic SB 50 loss

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Stephen Curry is a miraculous basketball sensation who, generally speaking, has very little to complain about. The Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA and he's likely on his way to a second-straight MVP and second-straight championship.

Curry is also a huge fan of the Carolina Panthers. He happened to be on hand when they lost to the Denver Broncos 24-10 on Sunday in Super Bowl 50 at Santa Clara, Calif.

Shortly after the game ended, Curry fired off a few tweets that let everybody know exactly how he felt.

A skull emoji mixed with a crying-Jordan meme equals rock bottom, but Curry appears to have bounced back pretty quick. Probably because he has plenty of things to be happy about. His Warriors are 46-4 after beating the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night.

He still leads the NBA in scoring and is on pace to shatter every 3-point record by the end of the season.

Furthermore, the All-Star Game is next weekend, and there's a good chance he wins the 3-Point Shootout and is named MVP on next Sunday night. By then, there's a good chance Curry feels great about his uber-charmed life once again.