The Force is with them: NASA unveils 'Star Wars'-themed astronaut portrait

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Cue the John Williams score and fire up the Millennium Falcon, because six NASA astronauts are about to blast off to a galaxy far, far away. NASA released the official portrait of the first crew to go on a year-long International Space Station mission, and it looks like the "Force" is with them. The image looks more like a fan-made poster for the upcoming “Star Wars” film than an announcement about the upcoming mission, which could pave the way for future Mars explorations, reports

The portrait shows each Jedi-clad astronaut wielding a different colored lightsaber. With the title “International Space Station: Expedition XLF – The Science Continues,” the image features a few other familiar sights from George Lucas’s popular franchise, including a sneaky Death Star hiding not far from Scott Kelly. All that’s missing is a Wookiee.