'Smart Grid' Not Smart Enough

President Obama visited the small town of Arcadia, Florida today, population 6, 671, to tout solar energy and efforts of the Economic Recovery Act to bring jobs to Florida, but Republicans on the hill say the President's proposals for energy and in particular solar energy, won't do enough for the 11.2% unemployed people in Florida.

<pThe President visited DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy center, billed as the largest solar photovoltaic center in the country. The company's 90,500 solar panels are able to generate about 42,000 megawatt hours each year, but the project cost $150 million to build and only provides power to 3,000 homes, prompting critics to say the administration doesn't have an overall energy strategy.

Washington Representative Doc Hastings, the Ranking Member on the House Natural Resources committee said it's not nerves that are causing pause on Capitol Hill. It's the plan itself, and the taxes it will impose on Americans that are the real problem. “Another day, another empty promise from the President to support ‘comprehensive’ energy development," he told Fox News.

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