Octopus Steals Camera, Makes Indie Film

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A diver was left looking a real sucker when a cheeky octopus snatched his brand-new digital camera -- and swam off with it.

Amateur photographer and nature enthusiast Victor Huang was diving in New Zealand when he spotted the underwater thief.

He put his camera close to the leggy creature to get some stunning footage as it clung to a rock, but the octopus suddenly thrust out a tentacle, and grabbed the pricey device.

It then managed to hold on to its shiny new $540 toy -- while it was still recording -- and swam away with it.

A shocked Mr Huang said: "Out of nowhere it just completely shot straight for me."

The 31-year-old, from San Francisco, chased the octopus for five minutes until he caught up with it, and worked the camera free from its mouth.

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