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New Zealand

  1. Massive Earthquake Hits New Zealand

    At least 65 dead

  2. Debate Over Safety of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants

    Dozens of facilities in or near quake-prone areas

  3. Prince William Talks About Japan

    Attends New Zealand earthquake memorial

  4. Firsthand Account of Earthquake

    Survivor describes deadly New Zealand quake

  5. More Powerful Aftershocks Predicted for Japan

    70 percent chance of 7.0 aftershocks

  6. Around the World

    London welcomes its biggest mall amid financial turmoil

  7. New Year's Eve Around the World

    The world rings in the new year

  8. Rare Footage

    TV cameras capture great white sharks hunting at night for first time ever

  9. Drink Up

    Reasonable summer wines for summer occasions

  10. First New Zealand , Then Japan

    Is there a pattern with the recent powerful earthquakes and could the Japan disaster have been predicted?

  11. Glimmers of Hope After Devastating Earthquake

    Rescuers continue to search for survivors in New Zealand while officials raise death toll to at least 75 with hundreds still missing

  12. Teen Fights Off Shark

    New Zealand girl battles shark with boogie board

  1. Former Sen. Bayh Describes New Zealand Earthquake Chaos

    Ex-Indiana lawmaker and wife were in Christchurch when quake struck

  2. New Zealand Quake Survivor Describes Experience

    Student lucky to be alive after deadly tremor

  3. Aftermath of New Zealand Quake

    New Zealand digs out after deadly tremor

  4. Earthquake Rocks Christchurch

    City councilor on massive destruction in New Zealand

  5. Major Earthquake Strikes New Zealand

    Powerful tremor kills at least 65, trapping many others in one of the country's worst natural disasters

  6. Update on New Zealand Earthquake

    Hope for survivors fading

  7. New Details on New Zealand Earthquake

    Death toll tops 100

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