Family saves three baby sharks through C-section

Performing an emergency C-section on a shark may not be part of a typical vacation beach outing, but for one family that is exactly what happened. Restaurant owners Beth and Lindsey Cordell were walking along the coast of Georgia when they stumbled across a dead shark washed up by the waves, reports Barcroft TV.

Visibly pregnant, the shark’s stomach was jiggling, prompting one man to jump to the rescue, performing the impromptu procedure by cutting through the animal’s abdomen, as captured on a YouTube video shot by the Cordells' son.

“I don’t think there’s a baby in there,” one man said in the video, before the first of three baby sharks becomes visible, writhing inside the dead shark. Each shark pup was thrown into the ocean. For those worrying about the sharks’ welfare, baby sharks do not stay with their mothers following birth, and are left to fend on their own in the ocean.