F1's Lewis Hamilton questions astronauts about moon landing hoax conspiracy: report

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton repeated a long-held conspiracy theory during a visit to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston last week.

The Formula One star asked astronaut Doug Hurley about the moon landing hoax, Jalopnik reported.

“I guess it’s a touchy point, but the big question is ... there’s the theories that you didn’t land on the moon. So... why would people have that theory?” Hamilton asked, while standing in the mockup of the ISS, according to the report.


"I've always maintained that it would've been harder to fake it and hide it," Hurley responded. "It just takes one person to go spill. ... I had people in my own family that thought we faked it and then they came and watch me go fly in space."

Hamilton's visit included seeing the Internation Space Station mission control and Neutral Buoyancy Lab, as well as riding NASA's Modular Robotic Vehicle, the report said.