Campuses Across the Country Are Going Green

Here's a quick few glimpses of what other colleges and universities nationwide are doing to go green.

For those who say renewable energy policies are pie-in-the-sky proposals, a recent story from The Daily O'Collegian reports that sustainable energy technologies can reap massive rewards for colleges—and at a time when they're needed most.

The Daily Targum reports that Rutgers University's Livingston campus is in the process of upgrading its facilities to include more than seven acres of solar powers to provide energy to campus and reduce its harmful emissions.

At the beginning of each school year, many students come trudging back to school with brand-new refrigerators, DVD players, TVs and so on. But at the University of New Hampshire, The New Hampshire newspaper reports student leaders have passed a resolution urging students to purchase Energy Star-approved products, or products that have much greater energy efficiency than run-of-the-mill appliances. A great idea.