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President Trump on Friday urged Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to “give a little” and make a deal with those protesting the state’s stay-at-home lockdown orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire. These are very good people, but they are angry,” Trump tweeted Friday. “They want their lives back again safely!”

He added: “See them, talk to them, make a deal.”

The president’s tweets come after dozens of protesters, some of whom were armed, gathered inside Michigan’s Capitol building Thursday to voice their opposition to Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders.

People in Michigan have continued to demand Whitmer roll back her stay-at-home order in an effort to reopen the state’s economy and allow residents to resume daily activities.


Last week, though, Whitmer extended the order through May 15, but loosened some restrictions, which are set to take effect Friday. Whitmer’s new order said residents would be allowed to travel between residences, but noted that it will be “strongly discouraged.”

Earlier this month, a similar rally took place at Michigan’s Capitol, and another took place outside Whitmer’s home.

The governor said following the earlier demonstration that she respected their right to protest but raised concerns about those who ignored social distancing rules.

"We know that this demonstration is going to come at a cost to people's health," she said at the time.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., on Friday slammed the president for suggesting the governor should give in to protesters.

“Imagine him saying this if it was Black Lives Matter protesters,” Omar tweeted Friday. “Miss us with your hypocrisy!”

Fox News' Louis Casiano contributed to this report.