President Obama has ordered sanctions on North Korea in retaliation for the cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. The Treasury  Department said the targets are three state-controlled entities and 10 North Korean officials, including:

-- Reconnaissance General Bureau, North Korea's primary intelligence organization that runs the country's cyber warfare

-- Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation, the state-owned arms dealer and exporter of equipment related to ballistic missiles and conventional weapons

-- Korea Tangun Trading Corporation, which obtains technology to support North Korea's defense research

-- Kil Jong Hun and Kim Kwang Yon, who represent the southern African interests of KOMID

-- Jang Song Chol, a KOMID representative in Russia working to obtain weapons materials from individuals in Sudan

-- Yu Kwang Ho, a North Korean government official

-- Kim Yong Chol and Jang Yong Son, KOMID representatives in Iran

-- Kim Kyu, KOMID's external affairs officer

-- Ryu Jin and Kang Ryong, KOMID officials operating in Syria

-- Kim Kwang Chun, a Korea Tangun Trading Corporation representative in Shenyang, China