Sunday show round-up: Trump, Carson, Kerry, 'maniac'

Donald Trump appeared on several shows, taking on the new theme of Trump vs. Cruz, at one point calling Ted Cruz a ''maniac.'' Trump also took a surprising turn in an interview with Jake Tapper, where he came out against comments that Antonin Scalia made last week that drew controversy.

Ben Carson talked about a brokered GOP convention, and John Kasich continued to insist there is no way that Mr. Trump will capture the Republican nomination.

This, and much more, below:

John Kerry says Paris agreement crafted to avoid Congress: "It doesn't have mandatory targets for reduction and it doesn't have an enforcement, compliance mechanism," Kerry said during an interview on "Fox News Sunday." Kerry said such mechanisms were not included because Congress would have refused to greenlight the deal.

Trump: Ted Cruz 'a maniac' in Senate: "I don't think he's qualified to be president," Trump said, arguing the Texas Republican's tenure in the Senate makes him too divisive for the job. Cruz has been "frankly a little bit of a maniac," Trump said in a taped interview on Fox News. "You're never gonna be able to get things done that way."