Second tresspasser may have been near Trump in US Capitol, source says

Congressional security officials Thursday were investigating a report of a second man who may have passed through security to join a press gaggle inside the U.S. Capitol building earlier this week awaiting President Trump, sources said.

News of a possible second intruder came after another protester managed to infiltrate a group of reporters waiting for Trump, who had been meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the source told Fox News.

The second person was described as a middle-aged man who stood about 6 feet, 3 inches tall and was dressed in a gray suit and bow tie. When asked by reporters who he worked for, the man replied, “I’m a tourist,” and bragged about being able to sneak inside the Ohio Clock Corridor in the Capitol building.

It previously reported that a protester on Tuesday shouted "Treason!" at Trump and threw mini Russian flags at him as the president arrived for a meeting with Senate Republicans.

The startling scene played out in full view of cameras as Trump walked through the Capitol with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

“Trump is treason!” a man shouted from an area designated for reporters.

He was identified as Americans Take Action’s Ryan Clayton. Capitol Police later announced that Clayton was arrested and charged with “unlawful conduct.”

Fox News has learned that Clayton used an outdated visitor’s pass to enter the Capitol through a tunnel connecting to the Rayburn House office building.

After clearing the security checkpoint, Clayton made his way outside the Senate chamber, where he blended in with credentialed congressional reporters and stood just a few feet away from Trump.

“This was a failure on multiple levels,” said one senior source with knowledge of the security breach. “There is egg on people’s faces.”