When it comes to mail-in voting, Democrats are purposefully trying to create chaos ahead of the November election, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Monday.

The president and Republicans have been warning about possible voter fraud connected to mail-in voting for months, while Democrats and the media have often pointed to a lack of evidence that it would lead to voter fraud.

“This is all coming from the Democrats,” McDaniel said Monday on “Fox & Friends.” “The president is saying, 'Keep the systems in place that have worked.'”

“We need to have surety in our elections,” she continued. “Democrats are saying mass mail ballots, let's not verify the voters, get rid of voter identification, get rid of signature verification, let's have ballot harvesting, which has nothing to do with coronavirus.”

“This is a huge problem,” she went on.

During an exclusive interview on Sunday with Mark Levin, host of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Attorney General Bill Barr addressed issues with mail-in ballots as well.


“The two ways we have been resolving disputes in our society in keeping the peace are discussion and voting and right now we’re a very divided country politically,” Barr told Levin. “Our elections have been very close. They can turn on one state, they can turn on just a few districts, and people have to have confidence in the outcome or we’re going to have real problems in this country.”

“And I think the people who want to experiment with different ways of voting right now, which can predictably create problems of integrity, are playing with fire and are grossly irresponsible,” Barr continued.

On Monday McDaniel noted that “there have been vetted systems with absentee voting.”

“Part of the verification is actually requesting the ballot so that you know it is going to the person it is intended to go to instead of this mass mailing sending ballots out to addresses that haven't been verified to voters who haven't been verified,” she explained.

“The way I view it is: it's like having a wedding for 100 guests and having 100,000 people show up.”

McDaniel said that “the systems are not prepared for this deluge of mail-in ballots.”


“They don't have the counting machines, they don’t have the personnel,” she continued. “That's why it took six weeks to get results in New York. Could you imagine we have an Election Day and it takes two to three months to get the results what that would do to this country when we are as divided as we are.”