Ron Paul to Make Presidential Campaign Decision Soon

It looks more and more like Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, may be close to making a decision on a presidential run-and it may be a go. Paul's political advisor Jesse Benton told Fox News Wednesday the decision will be made within the next month.

Tuesday, on a talk radio show, Paul dropped a tantalizing hint. He said he has a book coming out April 19th and "...coinciding that with an announcement would be interesting even though plans have not been made to do such."

Congressman Paul clarified that statement Wednesday with Fox News Senior House Producer Chad Pergram, saying he has no plans to announce on that date. Benton says the date, which also coincides with the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and siege at Waco, has no significance and was just a convenient time to launch the book.

So what's holding Congressman Paul back? It's not for lack of money.

Paul has $2.7 million at his disposal, between his Congressional re-election campaign and political action committee. Most of that has been raised through small contributions. And Paul certainly doesn't lack fervent supporters, as is evidenced by the young, energized crowds that have flocked to his recent college campus events in New Hampshire and North Carolina.

In his radio interview Tuesday, Paul said he has "a few things to iron out personally" before he makes the final call.

Congressman Paul will be back again in Iowa and New Hampshire next week.