Rep. Waltz slams West Point 'White rage' instruction: Enemy's ammo 'doesn't care about race, politics'

Waltz said West Point's woke shift could cause potential issues in combat situations.

Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., a Green Beret and Afghan War veteran, warned of dangerous consequences for the U.S. military's effectiveness and abilities if reported anti-White critical race theory curriculum continues to be taught to cadets at West Point Military Academy.

Waltz reacted Thursday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" after host Tucker Carlson reported under Superintendent Darryl Williams, cadets at the Hudson Valley military institution are mandated to go through controversial trainings, to which the host mentioned a classroom slide labeled "White Power at West Point," -- which reportedly gave one example of such as a comment made by a cadet in opposition to Affirmative Action.

Another example Carlson said Waltz had obtained is evidence of a lecture entitled "Understanding Whiteness and White Rage" -- which the host called "a pure racial attack."

Waltz said he received documents from cadets and their families who are "disturbed" at the radical shift at West Point.

"Of course, as a military, we should always work to eradicate extremism. We should never tolerate racism. But this goes way too far: One of the things that has me so disturbed as a member of the armed services committee and a combat veteran is when you come into the United States Army, is from from day one, you are all the same."

"You are told the only skin color you should worry about is camouflage... The enemy’s bullets don’t care about Black, White, or Brown, or political party or race or religion or any of that. And we shouldn’t care about it either as we are teaching the future leaders of the United States Army."

Carlson noted that if the races were switched and there was mandated instruction on Black supremacy or "Black rage," there would be a public and political outcry and the faculty responsible would and should be fired.

Waltz said West Point's woke shift indeed spells potential trouble for combat situation.


"As a Green Beret, I can’t imagine being in a situation in combat where I am ordering a soldier to charge a machine gun and he now has the seed planted in his mind -- am I sending him him because he is African-American? Should I feel guilty because of White privilege?"

"That is absolutely destructive to morale, to unity, to everything that I know from a military, that by the way integrated way before the rest of the country, in 1948."

Carlson later agreed, calling for the West Point officers involved in making these reported decisions are "discharged, dishonorably."