President Obama Health Care Proposal Details

The White House has released some details of what President Obama will propose this week in a meeting with Republicans on Health Care reform. The White House says the President's proposals will be his take on how to bridge differences between the House and Senate bills.

The White House also told Fox:

* This proposal is informed by the discussions that took place with the House and the Senate in the Cabinet Room and since then. The President believes the bipartisan discussion on Thursday will be the most productive if Democrats come to the table with a consolidated proposal -what he's releasing today - and he hopes the Republicans will follow suit and come with their own unified proposal.

* The President will be open to Republican ideas, and he hopes they'll be open to ours.

* The President's proposal takes the form of suggested changes to the Senate bill. Among the changes he's proposing:

Eliminating the Nebraska deal and other special arrangements, including an additional series of measures proposed by Republicans to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse, and a new provision to prevent arbitrary rate hikes like the recent 39-percent increase in California.

The meeting on Thursday with Republicans will be televised, the first time during the negotiations the meetings on health care will be televised.