Tuesday stocks were up, with the largest one day jump so far this year. The Dow added more than 200 points, and the S&P and Nasdaq saw significant gains. Movement like this has caused some -- including the White House -- to suggest Wall Street is eyeing every last development of the Washington debt drama.

The jump was the same day the Senate's Gang of Six announced a bipartisan compromise that would end the debt ceiling standoff and work towards a goal to rein in spending.

But initial indications of wide Congressional support began to fizzle out Wednesday, and just like that, the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq posted losses by the end of the day.

But on today's Power Play Live w/Chris Stirewalt, Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs argued the markets' movement is less about potential solutions coming out of Congress - like a short-term deal -- and more a symptom of an economy that is "showing signs of life."

Dobbs says this is happening despite the "propaganda emanating from the Treasury Department."

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