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The Left Targets Dobbs?

Lou Dobbs fights allegations he hired illegal immigrants

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  1. Talking Points: 11/16

    Lou Dobbs and CNN

  2. Will 'Obamacare' Collapse?

    FBN's Lou Dobbs looks at the many challenges facing Pres. Obama's health care reform law and how it could unravel

  3. Dobbs: Obama 'Gaming' the System

    FBN's Lou Dobbs takes Pres. Obama to task over his disappointment over the DREAM Act not passing, not taking on illegal immigration seriously

  4. Dems Rush to Push Through Border Bill

    Lou Dobbs on $600 million legislation meant to boost security along U.S.-Mexico border

  5. Mississippi Governor Attacks President's Energy Policy

    Fox Business host on administration's handling of U.S. energy issues

  6. Massive Recall Effort Against GOP in Wisconsin

    Lou Dobbs on whether push will have chilling effect in other states

  7. The O'Reilly Factor

    Friday, 8/11p ET: Aliens destroying LA? Illegal aliens that is! The Factor investigates live from Los Angeles!

  8. States Joining Forces to Block 14th Amendment

    Some states looking to deny birthright citizenship

  9. Why Didn't GE Pay Any Taxes?

    General Electric paid nothing to feds despite making $14 billion in profits worldwide

  10. The O'Reilly Factor

    The O'Reilly Factor

  11. U.S. Foreign Policy Examined

    Briefing on Afghan war strategy and US-China summit

  12. Obama Speaks Out on Ground Zero Mosque

    Lou Dobbs rates president's controversial remarks on one of the nation's most heated issues

  1. 'Factor' Exclusive

    Lou Dobbs explains why he left CNN and what's next for him

  2. The No Spin Zone

    Bill O'Reilly previews interviews with Palin, Dobbs

  3. GOP Senators Push White House on Amnesty

    Lawmakers pen letter demanding to know administration's plans for illegals

  4. No Spin from Lou Dobbs

    Lou Dobbs on how diminishing union power can create jobs and the worldwide significance of the devastation in Japan

  5. Lou Dobbs on Impact of Tax Vote on Your Paycheck

    New concerns about impact of tax vote on payroll departments

  6. Lou Dobbs on Foreclosure Fiasco

    Dobbs discusses battered housing market and addresses allegations he hired illegals

  7. Lou Dobbs on Report Deportation Cases Will Be Dropped

    ICE denies report feds are dropping deportation cases

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