Pence: 'We're on the offense,' momentum is 'palpable' in final weekend of White House race

Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence on Sunday downplayed reports that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is winning early among Hispanic voters and argued he and running-mate Donald Trump have the advantage of voter enthusiasm.

“Republicans are coming together. They are coming home and recognizing that Donald Trump should be elected and that Hillary Clinton should never be elected president of the United States,” Pence told “Fox News Sunday.” “The momentum is palpable. … Donald Trump is going to win.”

Early-voting results from such battleground states as Florida, North Carolina and Nevada show a strong turnout among Hispanic voters, who overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates.

However, Pence, also the governor of Indiana, on Sunday also challenged the assumption that early-voting Hispanics have picked Clinton.

“Hispanic voters have the same (concerns) as all of America -- to get this economy running again,” he said.

Early, in-person voting in North Carolina ended Saturday and is winding down Sunday in Florida.

Clinton leads Trump by 2 percentage points, 45-to-43 percent, in a Fox News national race poll released late last week.

Pence also argued that final-weekend rallies in states such as Virginia, in which Clinton has had a solid lead, and Minnesota, which has not elected a GOP presidential nominee since 1972, shows that the Trump campaign is capitalizing on momentum and voter enthusiasm with Election Day now just two days away.

“While our campaign is literally expanding the map, we’re on offense and the Clinton campaign is literally on defense, trying to shore up blue states around the country,” he said.

To be sure, Clinton is making two stops in Democrat-leaning Michigan in the final few days of the race.

“We are playing offense in every state, chief Clinton strategist Joel Benenson told “Fox News Sunday.”