Pelosi: Elizabeth Warren Is Not The Voice Of The Democratic Party

Nancy Pelosi, in an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood Wednesday morning, said that the words of a single party member — in this case Elizabeth Warren — do not represent the beliefs of the party as a whole.

According to Pelosi, “people will express themselves the way they do. That doesn’t mean they’re speaking for the party.”

Pelosi was referring to Warren’s remarks that accused President Obama of not instituting strict enough regulations on Wall Street. Senator Warren has also gained attention for her move to block one of Obama’s appointments to the Treasury as well as criticizing Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White.

“That is not the consensus in our party,” Pelosi said. “We are here to protect working families in our country.”

Politico reports that Pelosi’s move to back the Obama administration comes at a time when the party has been divided over trade issues. Pelosi further stated that she does not feel pressure from young members of her party to leave Congress anytime soon and feels as though there is still work for her to do.

As for the coming 2016 election, Pelosi says that Hillary Clinton has her full support, but believes her being a woman should not be the determining factor as to whether she gets elected or not.