Outside the Beltway: Listening to America

It's time to take the political debate outside of the Beltway. On Capitol Hill, we normally see the "horse race" aspects of the political season. We hear from analysts, experts, former candidates and consultants. Why not the people who do not have a dog in the fight? Those who don't represent right, left or center. It's time to hear from the voters. Time to find out why Americans feel the way they do about the candidates and issues that define this political season.

Each week, we'll ask the same questions across a cross section of America and listen to what they have to say.

This week, we spoke with fishermen at the nation's largest fishing port in New Bedford, MA, farmers in a feed store outside of Chicago and shoppers along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Here's what they had to say about the direction America is going in, if politicians are playing the blame game, a Presidential report card and if you could sit down with the President, what would you ask him.

Fox News' Laura Prabucki contributed to this report.