McCain: Trump 'complicit' with supporters who beat Black Lives Matter protester

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Sen. John McCain, the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, said candidates must condemn outrageous things supporters say or do at rallies, and he singled out a rally where fans of Donald Trump beat up a Black Lives Matter protester last month.

McCain, who famously defended President Obama in 2008 when a town hall questioner called the Democrat "an Arab," said, "you have to repudiate that."

In a media roundtable sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor on Wednesday, the Arizona senator said, "If you allow those things to be said or done, in the case of beating up a protester, and [goes] unresponded to, then you are complicit. You have to do what's right and no matter what the cost is, if you have to do what's right otherwise you will lose in the long run. Even if you win, you lose."

Then, he added, that he was "speaking as the loser" in his race.