Krauthammer on Clinton email scandal: 'She's a Clinton. And what the Clintons do is, never clear the air'

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Charles Krauthammer told viewers Thursday on 'Special Report with Bret Baier' that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will never "clear the air" on a scandal involving her emails during her tenure at the State Department- because he believes if she does, she'll only incriminate herself.

Following the revelation that she had used a private email account during her tenure - a potential violation of federal law - Clinton tweeted Wednesday that she had asked the State Department to release her emails to the public.  The tweet is the first comment Clinton has made on the subject.

"She's a Clinton. And what the Clintons do is, never clear the air," the syndicated columnist said.  "They spend the first month or so - surrogates, the machine - attacking the accusers, as in the Lewinsky scandal."

Krauthammer said that, unlike New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who held a multiple-hour press conference in the wake of allegations he had improperly closed a bridge as a political retaliation, Clinton would only do more damage by opening herself up to more scrutiny.

"She can't do it because, the answers to the questions - if remotely honest - are self-indicting," Krauthammer said.