Krauthammer: Iran nuke deal 'is a sham;' Americans get nothing in return

The new nuclear deal with Iran is a “sham from beginning to end” that undermines the idea of non-proliferation and relaxes sanctions without any return payoff, Charles Krauthammer warned Monday.

“What do we get in return?” asked Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor, on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

“I just heard the secretary of state say we're going to get a destruction of the twenty percent of uranium," he said. "That is simply untrue. What's going to happen is the twenty percent of enrichment uranium is going to be turned into an oxide so it's inoperative -- that process is completely chemically reversible.

“Which means, Iran holds onto its twenty percent uranium and can turn it into active stuff anytime it wants."

Krauthammer added that “once a country anywhere can start to enrich there's no containing its nuclear capacity."

Krauthammer warned, “This is a sham from beginning to end. It's the worst deal.”