Krauthammer: Afghanistan bombing means 'we're trying to send a message' to other countries

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Charles Krauthammer told viewers Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the US military’s decision to drop a bomb on Afghanistan means that “we’re trying to send a message particularly to the North Koreans, possibly also the Iranians.”

“They’re developing nukes. The nukes are buried. They’re intended to be in places that are highly reinforced. And this is a way of saying, we can get there,” Krauthammer said.

His comments came after the announcement that the US Air Force dropped the largest nonnuclear weapon the US military has ever used in bombat on what the White House described as a complex of ISIS tunnels on the border with Pakistan.

“I suspect from what they tell us this is an ISIS base, an ISIS tunnel, which tells you, number one that ISIS is more entrenched than we would have thought – you have this notion of ISIS being sort of a band of jihadists just running around, but this is pretty entrenched,” Krauthammer said.