Just call him ‘Mogul’ -- Trump getting Secret Service code name

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Amassing several billion dollars with a swashbuckling attitude earned Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump the nickname "The Donald" in the New York City tabloids -- now, Fox News has learned the Secret Service agents newly assigned to protect him likely will be using an even more direct description.

The Secret Service code name for Trump is expected to be "Mogul," evoking the larger-than-life presence he has had in the business world and now politics as well.

Officials familiar with the arrangement within the Secret Service tell Fox News that around-the-clock Secret Service protection begins for both Trump and fellow Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson at 8 a.m. ET on Wednesday.

The officials stressed that the code names will not be final until 8 a.m. on Wednesday as well, so there is always the possibility of a last-minute change overnight.

In consultation with the White House Communications Agency, the Secret Service traditionally comes up with a letter of the alphabet for a code name of a president, first lady or other high-profile people protected by the agency. The name is typically not a secret and does not give away any sensitive information -- it's simply used as a way to have a short, simple name to describe the person being protected among agents.

A source close to Trump confirmed the letter assigned to him was "M" and he was given a list of roughly 10 names starting with that letter that could be used for this purpose. Trump then sent back to the Secret Service a couple of names that he found acceptable, including "Mogul."

Officials at the Secret Service have now circulated the name "Mogul" as the one they will use, while the name "Eli" has been distributed as the likely name for Carson. Carson is known as a very spiritual man and frequently quotes from the Bible, and Eli is typically attached to the phrase "God is the most high."

A Carson official did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

Over the years, presidents have often been assigned Secret Service code names that fit their persona, with former movie actor Ronald Reagan known as "Rawhide," while Dwight Eisenhower was called "Scorecard" given his penchant for golf.

President Obama is known as "Renegade," a name that officials say he selected after being given a list of potential "R" words.

The Secret Service code names for former President Bill Clinton and current Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton reveals another detail about the process. Bill Clinton was given the letter "E" as he prepared to take office, and when he got the name "Eagle," the rest of his immediate family was given names that start with "E" as well in order to make it consistent for the Secret Service.

Secret Service officials say this makes it a little easier for agents to perk up when they hear a name beginning with that specific letter called out over the agency's communications system that there is either a movement among the family or an issue to deal with.

That's why then-first lady Hillary Clinton got the name "Evergreen," which she has kept through her time as senator, secretary of state and now presidential candidate herself.