It's Out: Purported X-Rated Weiner Photo on Internet

It only took two days.

After Andrew Breitbart, publisher of the conservative and other sites, claimed Monday he had an X-rated photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner, the purported image has surfaced on the Internet. And Breitbart's not happy.

"I'm mortified," Breitbart told Fox News.

The image of what are said to be Weiner's genitals was posted online after Breitbart appeared on the satellite radio show of shock jocks Opie and Anthony Wednesday.

Breitbart said that while he was in the studio, Opie -- real name, Gregg Hughes -- snapped a photo of the graphic image "without my permission." Breitbart said he's shown the image to other members of the media as proof of his claims, but until now nobody has made that image public.

"This is the first time that someone surreptitiously grabbed a photo of it. This is a complete breach of our arrangement that the photo would not be made public," Breitbart told Fox News. "It was a complete violation of trust."

Breitbart claimed Opie's co-host Anthony Cumia will issue a statement saying he's "horrified" by the development.

The image, real or not, only adds to Weiner's problems as women he apparently maintained online relationships with come forward with details of their chats.

Weiner admitted Monday that he sent a lewd photo over Twitter to a young woman in Seattle, after claiming for more than a week that he was hacked. He also admitted to having explicit conversations with other women he's met online over the last three years.

Fox News' Eric Shawn contributed to this report.