Is MSNBC canning one of its most controversial voices?

Amid reports that MSNBC may overhaul a large portion of its programming, it's likely that the left-leaning network is about to cut ties with one of its most strident hosts.

On Thursday, the media news site Mediaite reported that MSNBC, under new leadership by NBC News Chairman Andy Lack, is canceling at least three of its shows. Among them, the talk show "The Cycle," where Toure Neblett, once a flame-throwing commentator, particularly on racial issues, resides as a co-host.

"The question is asked, what does he bring to the table?" one source inside MSNBC said to the Washington Examiner media desk.

If "The Cycle" is canceled, Neblett would appear to be out of a job, unless he is demoted to a contributor role or roving correspondent position, as has happened to other former hosts at MSNBC.