Immigration Court Backlog at Record High

The number of cases pending before Immigration courts reached a record high by the end of December, according to a new report.

By the end of last year, the number of cases awaiting resolution in Immigration courts was roughly 268,000, according to Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, a non-partisan research organization the operates out of Syracuse University.

The case backlog was 44 percent higher than it was in 2008, TRAC found.

The average time these cases had been pending, TRAC said, was 467 days.
California led states with the longest wait time – 639 days, followed by Massachusetts with 615 and Nebraska with 511 days.

Among the countries with the most people involved in Immigration Court cases, people from Armenia had the longest wait – 886, nearly twice the national average of 467 days, the report said.

Other nationalities that waited the longest were Indonesians, Albanians, Iranians and Pakistanis.

Some courts, however, made a dent in their backlog, according to TRAC.

Among courts with at least 1,000 pending cases, the one in Lumpkin, Georgia saw a 57 percent decline. Another court, in Puerto Rico, had an 11 percent decline and one in Dallas, Texas dropped by 7 percent.

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