Fit to print? NY Times smears GOP 'bigotry,' 'insanity'

The New York Times opined Thursday that Sen. Bernie Sanders has the right idea on immigration, and that most Republicans support a plan that gone "well beyond the usual nativist bigotry."

"Republican presidential candidates are arguing, in all seriousness, about sealing the border with fantastical 2,000-mile fences and weaponized drones; merging state, local and federal authorities and private prisons into one all-seeing immigration police state; forcibly registering American Muslims; mass-deporting 11 million Mexicans and others in a 21st century Trail of Tears; and turning away thousands of refugees fleeing war and terrorism in the Middle East," the Times said.

The paper cheered Sanders this week for offering a plan that "turns away from the insanity."

Sanders said he would rely on executive actions to give relief to illegal immigrants, and would push for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants after five years. The Times said this plan "affirms the humane and sensible principle" that those illegally in the U.S. should "stay and contribute."