Failure to Launch?

As President Obama strode across the street from the White House to kick off his Health Care Summit this morning, he told reporters he's perpetually armed with a plan for health care. "I've always got a plan," he told reporters asking if he had a "plan B."

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that the White House was ginning up such a back-up proposal, should today's bipartisan summit fail.

A source familiar with the situation tells Fox Business Correspondent Rich Edson that a proposal was indeed developed because the President wanted to know what the impact would be if "he had to go small, post-Massachusetts;" referring to the recent Democratic loss of the Massachusetts Senate seat. But, the source added, "It’s not where we are."

As we reported earlier on Row 2, Seat 4, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs didn't deny the existence of such a plan when asked about it on Fox and Friends this morning. "The President is focused exclusively on what's happening in today's meeting and to listening and trying to find some cooperation. I hope that's what each and every participant is willing to do. Friday we'll worry about on Friday."