Democrats Like to Blow Out the Candles for 1960's Laws

Over the past few weeks we've seen Democrats and groups normally supporting Democratic causes celebrating the past.

Here is a sampling of press releases and internet postings from these groups:

SEIU celebrating the 45th anniversary of the passage of Medicaid and Medicare

Daily Kos with its 45th anniversary announcement for the two hallmark programs of President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society.

Department of Education announcing its support for the 46th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

President Obama celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act

Apparently not content with highlighting events from the 1960's here are a few more anniversaries to celebrate:

Centers for Disease Control recognizing the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

President Obama makes a phone call to honor the Coast Guard for its 220th anniversary

Perhaps the celebratory fever amongst Democrats has to do with the 49th anniversary of the birth of President Obama

Here's how some folks with the president's political group--Organizing for America--celebrated Mr. Obama's birthday last week.