Democrats Attempt Re-Branding in Difficult Election Season

It's one of the oldest practices in business. Sales are down? Try a different look, a catchy new slogan, maybe even change your name.

And Democrats are catching on. While the party hasn't changed its name, they did hold an event today to make a "major announcement."

That announcement turned out to be "Change That Matters," the Democratic National Committee's new slogan to go along with their new logo, which can be seen on their new website.

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine headlined Wednesday's event at George Washington University in Washington. "We are Democrats, and we are delivering the change that matters," said Kaine. "We can't afford now to give in to the forces of delay, obstruction or going backwards."

To go with the new tagline is a new logo - a simple blue with a capital D in the middle of a circle. Volunteers took to the stage and tossed t-shirts with the logo to students in the audience.

The Republican National Committee scoffed at the changes. "There is no surer sign of the Democrats lack of ideas and lack of a coherent message than for the DNC to promise an announcement that would change the election an then unveil a new logo," said spokesman Doug Heye. "Voters care about growing jobs and fixing the economy. The DNC's assumption that anyone outside Washington - or inside Washington, for that matter - cares about a silly logo only demonstrates their political tone deafness. "

Democrats are also touting the interactive nature of their new website. One feature enables regular people to create a login and then receive voter lists so they can make calls to urge people to vote for Democrats in hot races around the country, whether that race is in their immediate area or not.

A similar feature that has been online for months at FreedomWorks, a political action committee that is one of the main groups behind the Tea Party movement.

RNC officials say they will have a similar feature up on their website by next week.