Democratic doubters bash Christie report

Twitter is the place for snark. Don't come into the neighborhood unless you can handle the dark corners of the mean streets. It doesn't matter if you're a journo, actor, or pol. But it's especially true if you're a pol. The latest takedown? Chris Christie and a report clearing him of wrongdoing in the Bridgegate scandal -- and one critics dismissed as "bogus."

The internal investigation released yesterday says Christie didn't know about the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge. Christie tells Diane Sawyer on ABC that he didn't know about it and that his former aides were...

Twitter says, yeah right guv.

But the media get just as much ribbing on the coverage of Christie by conservatives who wish Dems would get equal time in the hot seat.

What we do know is that Christie has taken a big hit in popularity. In a recent poll, the New Jerseyite who sings "Born to Run" beat out the guy who runs the state and is maybe running for 2016.

It could be that Christie was just "Dancing in the Dark" all along.


And the ObamaCare enrollees have hit 6 million. At least that's what the White House says. The conservative think tank Heritage Foundation begs to differ.


In the Throwback Thursday tweet-a-thon where nostalgia reigns, this tweet from Arkansas Sen. John Boozman harkens back to a, shall we say, more innocent time in 2009 when Barack Obama dreamed of healthcare for all.

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