DeMint Aide Muffles Talk of Looming Romney Endorsement

Sen. Jim DeMint's office shot down a story Monday claiming the Tea Party-aligned senator would most likely endorse Mitt Romney for president.

Without prompting, a DeMint spokesman sent an email to Fox News calling the article in Roll Call, based on unnamed Republican sources, a "fabrication" and said DeMint is undecided.

"That story is a fabrication made up of anonymous sources that obviously have no clue what Senator DeMint is thinking," spokesman Wesley Denton said. "He has said over and over again that he is not leaning toward any candidate yet and may end up not endorsing in the presidential race."

DeMint had earlier told Roll Call that he hadn't made up his mind and hadn't talked to Romney in a while. But the Capitol Hill newspaper quoted Republican sources saying DeMint is "far more likely" to endorse Romney than any other candidate, and that Romney's business background appeals to DeMint.

Roll Call told Fox News that it "stands by its story."

"(Staff writer) David Drucker has relied on South Carolina political operatives for their analysis and insight, as explained and sourced in the article," said Roll Call spokeswoman Rebecca Gale.

Romney has been on the hunt for big-name endorsements. He scored one earlier this month when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie showed up near the site of an upcoming GOP debate to publicly back the former Massachusetts governor -- just one week after ruling out a presidential run himself.

To some analysts, the idea of one East Coast Republican governor endorsing another East Coast former Republican governor made sense.

But the idea of DeMint -- a social and fiscal conservative southerner who has championed the Tea Party cause and Tea Party candidates -- getting behind Romney may seem a bit more counterintuitive.

Though DeMint endorsed Romney in 2008, he has since aligned heavily with the Tea Party movement -- a movement that in some quarters is not thrilled with some of Romney's positions, like his work on a Massachusetts bill that Obama administration officials say was a model for the national health care overhaul.

Romney has criticized the president's plan as unworkable for the nation.

Fox News' Trish Turner contributed to this report.